We are ATYP

Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) is the national youth theatre company of Australia. We exist to connect young people with the professional theatre industry locally, regionally and nationally. It’s the principle on which the company was founded in 1963. It’s what drives us today.

ATYP specialises in integrating professional theatre practice with supportive youth theatre process. We love working with all levels of the arts industry, from the most celebrated national companies to the smallest youth theatres. Our work supports young people from their first theatre experience to their first professional production.


To forever raise expectations of what theatre with young people can achieve.


ATYP exists to help young people find their voice and together, inspire all Australians. We believe that an involvement in theatre builds better people. Theatre develops confidence, creativity and community. It challenges us to reflect on and better understand ourselves and our society. Young people are a vital part of that society. We do this through four aspirations:

  1. Be indisputably recognised nationally and internationally as a leading theatre company that fearlessly champions young artists.
  2. Inspire a life-long love of theatre by connecting young people with the professional theatre industry.
  3. Pioneer and be ever-responsive to the use of technology to enrich the experience of, and expand access to, ATYP.
  4. Lead, strengthen and celebrate the Australian Youth Arts community.

Guided by four long term strategies

These provide the holistic thinking hat sits across all company activities and discussions. They are:

  1. National Impact: Recognise the company’s role as the national youth theatre and ensure programs resonate and impact locally, regionally and nationally.
  2. Artistic Excellence: Connect young people with industry leaders and foster partnerships with artists, companies, venues and events synonymous with artistic excellence.
  3. Innovation: Embrace the evolving nature of storytelling as it relates to young people and their place in the world and celebrate risk and experimentation.
  4. Pathways: Maintain an environment that develops confidence and creativity in all young Australians by offering inclusive access to the company and supporting the career development of emerging professionals.

Our resources


We seek out the best new work from around the world and commission and develop new productions that speak specifically to young Australians.


Our high-quality courses give young people the opportunity to work together to create their own show, express their own views and perform it to an audience.

OnDemand Plus

A digital subscription to On Demand Plus gives Primary educators everything they need to confidently use drama and literacy strategies to teach the K-6 Curriculum.