On Demand Plus

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ATYP On Demand Plus is an exciting and innovative new program of teaching units that provide Australian primary school educators with curriculum-linked drama resources for use in their classrooms. Teachers will gain access to a comprehensive, multi-week catalogue featuring detailed units of work that use drama techniques to explore other subject areas. This content is offered at a competitive price for schools and is available in addition to the library of productions that remain accessible for free on the ATYP On Demand website.

For the launch of the program in 2021, there will be three units available addressing the following Primary History syllabus topics: Past and Present (K-2), Indigenous Connections (Years 3-4) and Migration (Years 5-6).

Each ATYP On Demand Plus eight week program will include instructional videos presented by ATYP artists, meaning all primary teachers (regardless of prior drama training) can use the units with confidence. All activities and resources are linked to the Australian curriculum, making it easy for teachers across Australia to integrate the units into their lesson planning.

The program is available as an annual subscription for schools, whereby the school purchases ATYP On Demand Plus giving all staff access to updated material and new units throughout the year. We also offer additional face to face workshops, aligned to the units of work, facilitated by ATYP teaching artists. This could be a face to face workshop of one week of the unit or an ATYP Artist in Residence program, delivering the whole 8-weeks.

ATYP On Demand Plus will be available from 2021. For more information or to register your interest in ordering a subscription please call 02 9270 2400 or email [email protected]

On Demand Plus resources

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